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AYSO Kids Zone

In recent years, the national media has focused on the negative, even violent, behavior of players, coaches and parents involved in youth sports. In the hopes of getting ahead of this trend of violence, AYSO has created a program called Kids Zone.

Kids Zone is a dynamic program targeted to eliminate negative behavior, whether on the field or off the field, or from coaches, parents or players. It is aimed toward creating a positive sports culture and environment that will benefit everyone involved in youth soccer. Kids Zone is about positive coaching, positive parenting, respect for the rules, referees, opponents, teammates and self and, last but certainly not least, Honor for the Game.

To execute this program, many elements are involved, among them:

1.The Message. Sending the message to coaches, referees, parents and players ... and then sending it again ... and again ... and again. Constant reinforcement.

2.The Pledge. We request AYSO parents to abide by The Pledge that holds them to the Kids Zone standards, see below. You can also visit our Tools for Parents page for ideas that may be helpful for being a supportive AYSO parent.

3.The Video. This is a 12 minute documentary that introduces AYSO's principles and its Kids Zone action plan to new participants. Viewers will also watch a parent intervene to change another parent's negative behavior. View it online.

AYSO Kids Zone Parent Pledge

In my words and actions, I pledge to:

  • Attend and participate in team parent meetings
  • Be on time or early when dropping off or picking up my child for a practice or game
  • Ensure my child is supported and encouraged by family or loved ones at games
  • Encourage my child to have fun and keep sport in its proper perspective
  • Define winning for my child as doing his/her very best
  • Endeavor to learn the Laws (rules) of soccer and support the efforts of referees
  • Honor the game and show respect for all involved including coaches, players, opponents, spectators, and referees
  • Applaud and encourage players from both teams and not yell out instructions
  • Not make negative comments about the game, coaches, referees or players in my child's presence
  • Encourage others to refrain from negative or abusive sideline behavior.

In order to make this program work, we need your help! We welcome ALL questions, comments and feedback about our Kids Zone program! You may contact your child's Coach or Team Parent about the program, or our Regional Coach Administrator or any other AYSO Board Member.

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